Strategic Planning for Government Contractors

Strategic Planning

Straetgic PlanningStrategic planning for government contractors must focus on the identification of new growth areas among changing government priorities, the achievement and protection of competitive advantage in a crowded and fluid space, and the maximization of returns and enterprise value in an environment of budgetary uncertainty.

Right Start professionals guide government contractors though a data-driven decision-making process to help all levels of the organization understand the current environment, identify the required goal or end state, and charter a path to achieve the desired results. Using best-practices in strategic planning along with proprietary tools and methods, our professionals assist executives in identifying what the business must achieve, the action plan to get there, and the metrics to measure progress. Our experienced professionals also being proven change management strategies to ensure that both internal and external communications are effective and that key stakeholders support the resulting action plan.

Right Start strategy professionals seek results. Our point of view is that strategic planning efforts must develop new capabilities, open new markets, improve cost efficiencies, or improve the organization’s return to owners in the near to medium term in order to be deemed successful. While a high degree of analysis and learning always occurs, to us it is the results that matter the most. For government contractors, this means entry into new agencies or contract vehicles or markets, delivery of new products or services as a prime or a sub, or the increase in profits from existing contracts, products or services.

Please contact us for assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Understanding and quantifying the threats and opportunities facing the business and the available options to address them
  • Selecting a path for the business and creating measurable short- and long-term goals
  • Developing and implementing an action plan that aligns business resources to achieve identified goals
  • Communicating and embedding goals and action plans across the organization
  • Measuring success against goals and refining action plans with new learnings