About Us

Right Start helps organizations optimize their products and services, improve their financial results and solidify their competitive position in the marketplace. We deliver value by helping organizations refine their business strategies, ensure optimal execution, and where needed, help secure an infusion of growth capital. For non-profit entities and government organizations, we optimize the use of limited resources to attain mission objectives in service to the community and constituents.


Right Start delivers results. As a global firm, Right Start helps clients improve operating performance, attain growth capital, and create sustainable value for the organization, its customers, employees, shareholders, and investment partners.

Right Start does not give advice from the sidelines.  Our professionals serve as on-the-ground advisers or as interim leaders and managers within the client organization.  Right Start drives lasting change in our client organizations and we are held accountable for delivering results by investors, boards of directors, and share holders.

Right Start serves companies across the industry spectrum.  Right Start teams are headed by industry veterans specific to the client’s needs.  From leaders at the highest levels of government to business executives from large multinational corporations and others leading successful ventures, Right Start teams are comprised of professionals that are second to none.  Our team has extensive experience and knowledge concerning organizational development, strategy design & implementation, mergers & acquisitions, project financing, turnarounds, fundraising, and exit support.

From its offices in North America Right Start serves large and medium-sized private and public companies, as well as emerging ventures and government agencies worldwide.  We invite you to contact us for additional information or to discuss new business opportunities.