Operations & Compliance Support for Government Contractors

Operations & Compliance Support

Operations and ComplianceEfficiency is crucial for government contractors who operate in a highly-competitive, price-sensitive market. Driving costs down through increased automation, streamlined processes, and virtualization is essential in order to be competitive in the public space. This is made difficult, however, by the increased administrative and financial management required to ensure compliance with contract terms and regulations. Government contractors face increased overhead and administrative costs in Accounting, HR, Legal, service delivery and other areas as new layers of controls are required to serve government clients.

Right Start helps clients cut through the complexity of government contracting compliance and improve operational efficiencies to contain costs. Our veteran government contracting professionals and technology experts work with clients to set up streamlined and intuitive processes that employ the right amount of technology to enforce required controls without undue costs or complexity. Right Start believes in empowering staff at all levels to manage their function’s compliance requirements through the use of intelligent business systems with actionable data and performance metrics. Right Start works with clients to select and implement commercial-off-the-shelf software solutions that add capabilities to the business while reducing costs. Right Start also builds custom enterprise-level Training & Learning systems, CRM applications, workflow platforms, and other software tools using cutting edge Microsoft technologies and others.

For growing government contractors and those who need to mobilize against a new government contract, Right Start and its partners provide infrastructure implementation services such as network design & management, hardware selection and installation, and cloud-hosted communications services including email and VOIP. Right Start can help companies develop and implement Disaster Recovery policies and procedures, as well as security and privacy policies.

Please contact us for assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Streamlining business processes and tracking key performance indicators
  • Designing, implementing and supporting COTS and custom software applications
  • Scaling operations while reducing complexity and controlling costs
  • Designing, implementing, and managing communication networks and related infrastructure
  • Preparing for or performing internal audits and compliance reviews