Finance and Accounting Support for Government Contractors

Finance & Accounting Support

Finance and AccountingGovernment contractors struggle many times to understand the true profitability of their contracts, and manage cash flow from government account payables. In addition, government contractors are subject to stringent accounting standards in order to ensure compliance with government regulations. DCAA audits are increasing depth and are being requested more often and earlier by contracting officers. Right Start helps firms ensure that their accounting practices are in full compliance with government requirements and efficiently use technology to help contain personnel costs as the business grows.

Right Start’s finance professionals serve as outsourced CFOs who help government contractors understand their financial position and plot a path forward. Our professionals work with firms to prepare budgets and pro-forma financial statements to forecast cash flow and anticipate financing needs. For firms in need of capital, Right Start helps them prepare a strategy to secure debt or equity growth capital. As government contractors grow, Right Start professionals help firms evaluate M&A opportunities and even liquidity events for company owners.

Please contact us for assistance in any of the following areas:

  • Developing budgets and pro-forma financial statements to quantify profitability, cash flow or growth capital needs
  • Securing debt or equity capital
  • Ensuring compliance with accounting requirements and government financial reporting
  • Preparing for DCAA audits
  • Identifying and evaluating M&A opportunities
  • Developing a liquidity strategy for owners